Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{ vetoed baby names }

i'm super super super beyond excited to find out what we're having.
friday cannot come soon enough.

mostly i'm excited to name the baby.
am i the only one who was making baby name lists 
on the back of my notebook 
while my teacher explained something about proofs in algebra class?
seriously, i dreamed about these moments years ago.
the only difference is that i don't want to name my kids
madison, blaze, and tiago anymore.

the other difference is that i forgot that there is someone else 
who would have to approve of the name our child would carry forever.

that's where the veto power comes in 
(i did learn something while i was in school)

phil and i have a hard time agreeing on names.
in fact, if jacob had been a girl, she would have been nameless for hours 
after she was born.

nine months were not enough for us to be agree on a girl's name.

this time we've been discussing baby names since day one
and exercising  that veto power. 
see below...

let's just say the vast majority of these names are my ideas 
that have been shot down by a very conservative man named phil.

wouldn't baby Abe be the cutest ever?? 
i think so but we'll never know.
thanks, phil.

i think we're going to keep the baby's name a secret until he/she is born.
oh. who am i kidding though? i stink at secrets.

but seriously please tell me if i'm the only one who dreams of naming children?
and... are my names too eccentric? be honest.


ladybug said...

Hubby is not so helpful in the name department. He only vetoes and never gives a name for voting so I have pretty much named at least 2 of our kids. The other names he kind of liked. Sonny got his name because husband didn't like any names I picked but had none to offer so I started calling N by his name and it stuck.

Carolyn said...

I vetoed the name Gideon for our son... and then it creeped back in as his middle name! haha! But I can't complain because I chose the first name, so we compromised. And I really do like it as a middle name. Also I used to have a student named Abram (Abe) from Spain and he was super cute, so I'll back you up on that one! And lastly, I'm not pregnant but still think of baby names, so you're not alone!!

abby said...

I was always writing out names when I was younger...and still do!

This post made me laugh out loud. :)

We are struggling over a boy name too. We have a name that we like, but haven't gotten great responses from some people and we have the added pressure of having to tell the birth mom the name.

Can't wait to find out what you're having!!!

TicoTina said...

we LOVE names!!! I honestly am tempted to have another baby just so we can name it, LOL.

and I really like a bunch of your names, not to eccentric at all! we have friends with a son named Declan, and it was actually on our very first long list 5 or so years ago =) I think Sage might have been also. girl's names were always waaay easier for us!

Nicole said...

is it bad that one reason i have baby fever is because i am literally in love with some names we have already agreed on?!?! no, ok good. :)

one name husband is still 'warming up to' is Fletcher. i saw it on a store awning when i was in australia several years ago and have adored it ever since. . . a little weird i know. but seriously. i figure by baby 5 he won't care anymore and will give in to my pleadings. :)


Kate @ DCL said...

My hubby would seriously not even let me talk about names until we knew the gender of our little girl... he apparently thought I was rushing things :P So at least yours is giving you the time to work it out!

I had my boy & girl names picked out in middleschool {when I starting "dating" said hubby.} Unfortunately my sister-in-law used my girl name before I could lol... but I got over it :P Here's to hoping our next kiddo is a boy so I can make sure he gets the name I want!

thetwistedruffle said...

our daughter's name is ivy--she was almost named sage, so i love that name!

when i was pregnant with our youngest son, we were going to name him gunnar. right around the time i was 7 months pregnant, my hubby came home and said that he didn't think he could resect a grown man named gunnar. so it was out. i was super bummed {considering all those months that was his name!} but, we eventually decided on wylder. i still will always have a sweet spot for gunnar though....

good luck on the names!!


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