Monday, June 4, 2012

{ weekending }

how was your weekend? 
i love weekends and i long for them every day of the week.

yesterday (sunday) morning i woke up very early, 5:30am to be precise, 
rolled over to make sure my husband was still there 
and when he was
a sort of sadness came over me because i realized he wouldn't be there the next day.
blah. it's so nice when he's there in the morning.

i said a little prayer asking God and all the saints in heaven 
to bless our day, let it lack in fights and arguments, and allow joy to prevail

and it did. 
no joke. prayer works.

these are some images from sunday 
because, to be honest, my camera was tucked away all of saturday.

this boy played with water in his church clothes. 
and this mom didn't say a thing.
clothes can be replaced... happy moments can't be.

then (in play clothes) he decided to explore our hutch and open all the drawers.
that i objected to. 
it's empty for now but i need not be surprised the day he chooses to take all its contents out.

we ate ice cream from coldstone and window shopped 
and real shopped (for gifts)

we went to one of our favorite places in the whole planet
trader joes. 
if i could, i would do all of my shopping there.
for now, i settle for the basics.
eggs, milk, bread, and wine. 
basics, i tell you.

our friends' daughter was being baptized 
while jake and i stayed behind to rest and take naps
phil went to celebrate that baby's entrance into the Church
and i sent him along with this handmade card, one of the faves i've made.

we finished the day with my brother and sister in law  
by eating pizza, salsa and chips, and some pulled pork sandwiches

these two best cousin-friends watched sesame street in their diapers.
don't you just want to squish them?
also, #teenageblackmailpicture

um. also. i realized that i'm starting to blow up like a little balloon. 
this is my 18.5 week belly.
oh and my new favorite dress that i plan to live in for the rest of the summer.
($5.98 at target. hollllla!)

you can see i'm pulling it back for effect... it's not actually tight and rouged. 

what about you? i hope you had a great one too!

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