Monday, July 23, 2012

{ bdays, baptisms, babies, & more of life's blessings }

hi there! how was your weekend?
ours was super eventful.
i mentioned a few weeks ago that we sold one of our couches 

and had been waiting to find a perfect one for the tv room.
well... we found it. and we bought it. woot woot! 
unfortunately, it wont be available for pick up until tomorrow 
so phil and i have been laying on the less than ideal hardwood floor.
we're making the best of it though 
and needless to say we'll really appreciate it when that couch makes its way home tomorrow.

we had a fantastic date night on friday night.
pizza at one of my favorite places. 
i had not one but two slices of buffalo chicken pizza and ate them so fast i didn't get a picture of them.
freaking delicious.
and then we went to see the dark knight.
i loved it. if your husband is bugging you to go with him... go! it was so good.

on saturday i went to a baby shower held at beneduce vineyards
( their grand opening will be next weekend! )
it was a great afternoon of sipping a little wine and spending time with awesome friends.

then on sunday we celebrated the baptism of our friends' first born where this cake was displayed.
yes, it's a real cake. for real. beautiful. 

we sealed it with an awesome hibachi dinner at benihana's 
to celebrate our mama's birthday.
jake was mesmerized by the cook... but could have cared less about actually eating. 
seems to be the story these days.

either way... happy birthday mom!

phew. im tired again just from writing about it.

what did you do this weekend?

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