Monday, July 9, 2012

{ bump update | 22 weeks }

is it really an update if i've never really posted bump pictures?
maybe it should be a "bump intro"
well, world, meet the bump.
it's large, according to me.
my point of reference is my pregnancy with jacob and i was definitely not this big with jake.
in fact, at this time with jake i was hiking up machu picchu in peru. no joke. 
right now, i barely climb the stairs unless it is totally necessary.
but i do chase a toddler around... same thing.

this little girl has started kicking and moving around a lot.
she hates i when i wear a non-maternity jean skirt. 
i think i can still pull it off because it's a low rise but she clearly thinks differently.
phil says she's probably telling me 
"mooooooooom, i can't breathe!" (use your best teenage girl voice to imagine that)
he's probably right. that skirt has now been retired. 

with jake i had the time to sit around and wait for him to move and bask in the coolness of it all.
with this one, when i sit to hang out with her, jake is right there asking for my attention.
and thus, the sibling rivalry has begun. jk.

i'm excited for her to be here. 18 weeks seems like too long to wait. 
but i know it will just zoom by.
and i'll be wishing i could get just a few more moments before i'm a mother of two.
so i'll just sit and wait patiently.

ps: i took these pictures myself so please excuse the awkward factor.

i was actually wrangling jacob away from the staircase so he wouldn't fall in the picture below


Meredith said...

I am experiencing major bump envy here!!! Love it!

Daisy said...

Great photos and what a lovely bump! 22 weeks, wow.

Kirsten Oliphant said...

Totally digging your outfit!! Love!


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