Saturday, July 7, 2012

{ happy weekend + a trip to the park }

Oh hey weekend. You're so great!

Jake and I went to a new local park earlier this week
and we decided daddy needed to see it too
so we went back this morning and just returned.
These pics are from our first time there.

It's kinda great and I think I'm going to spend a lot of the remainder of the summer there. 
Water splashing about, two playgrounds one for littles one for bigs,
Picnic tables and shady area.

PS: if you're my friend in real life, we need to get our kids together to go here one morning!

PSS: if you notice Jake's abnormally large right ear... he got bit by a mosquito of some sort and his ear blew up. then two days later it happened again on his left ear. the kid's a magnet. 

I hope you enjoy your Saturday and Sunday as much as we do around these parts!

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