Friday, July 13, 2012

{ lovely things on 7/13 }

happy friday! 
are you looking forward to the weekend? i sure am! 
we've had a few rough days of 2 year old teething here 
and i think both jake and i could use some daddy time for the sake of our sanity.

for that same reason i didn't peruse the interweb too much this week, 
either way, here are a few links that stood out to me:

a. my friend sarah from racing towards joy is sharing her adventures in baby food making. She says "My hope is that these posts can be a "guide" for new mamas who need some tips or ideas, or just some encouragement to take on the new journey of feeding your baby!"

c. watching a show as i type and i just saw the a great idea for making guacamole and letting kids help. just throw the avocados, limes, etc. in a zip lock bag and let your kid go to town smashing them. jake would love this! i might have to try it this weekend. 

c. i love this hat and this onesie for a baby girl! can't wait to start shopping and making her stuff. 

d. i was in major need of new shoes so i gave jacob a big cookie, strapped him in the stroller and headed to TJ Maxx. Jackpot. A lovely pair was waiting for me and I'll be rocking them to a group date night tonight. I'll be grabbing some inspiration from pinterest. Have you checked out my maternity outfit pinboard? please forgive the shameless self promotion. 

1 comment:

thetwistedruffle said...

oh my goodness. the tablecloth solution is sooooo cute. i love it! now i just need a reason to make 'em and use 'em!!


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