Friday, July 6, 2012

{ lovely things on 7/6 }

I haven't done a lovely things post in forever
but there are a few links that I've been wanting to share with you all. 

Here they are:

a. i'm literally obsessed with this wedding. it makes me want to get married again. seriously, 
i'm about to call martha to tell her about honey's daughter's wedding. 
let me know if you get a call from them, steph!

b. this was an interesting read: the problem with dressing sexy (part one and part twofrom jami nato's blog . a little controversial... but most good things are. 

c.  on a seemingly completely opposite side of the spectrum, i love that these ladies are baring it all. don't we all feel a little pressure to look hot ten seconds after giving birth? whatever. 

d.  i'm making this for dessert tomorrow night. i think my father in love might like it. 

e.  i'm hoping i can copy carina someday and host a garbage truck party too. 

f.  this is a cool project. shane from whispering sweet nothings is putting together a map of where all of us bloggers are located. 


Anonymous said...

father in law*

freudian slip! :p

Stephanie said...

You are too sweet girl. And no calls from Martha yet. Lol


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