Monday, July 30, 2012

{ my boy the funny man }

the coolest thing happened this weekend:
jake realized he can be funny

on saturday afternoon he leaned over on me while we were sitting on the couch 
and started making some odd slurping sounds.
i thought it was funny and i laughed loudly 
so he kept doing it over and over again.
he smirked and it was obvious he was doing it to keep seeing my reaction.
i laughed so hard that my eyes were tearing up and i was breathless
he had never made me laugh so much on purpose or otherwise

i'm not sure if it's a developmental stage or just a personality thing

but i was in plain awe.
i know, i know! he's my first so i'm in awe of everything he does
yet i can't imagine that something like that will get old with any other of my kids.
the precise moment they begin to demonstrate their personal sense of humor

lately it has become ever so clear to me that his baby stage is coming to a close
he's losing  his baby fat
like his neck is getting long and his wrist chub is nearly gone
(oh the things moms notice)

he talks in sentences
"it's mine" "it's daddy's" "it's mama's" "it's stuck" are popular
"it's gum" is also a common one but we still don't know what that means

and he sings!
this weekend we discovered that he would sing if we asked him to
cutest. thing. ever.

he is more obedient and follows directions
he is more disobedient and defiant, often exclaiming "no!"

he plays alone or pulls on my hand saying "let's go" so i will join him at the train table

yes. it make me sad that he won't be a baby too much longer
but i'm so excited for what is coming.

phil, jake, and, i were in the car together last night
the three of us were "chatting"
(meaning we were trying to get jacob to say things)
and it was blissful to have this new interactive little person in the back of the car.

phil said "i bet this is when it starts getting really fun"
oh i could bet a small fortune on that
and i can't wait to experience it.

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