Friday, July 27, 2012

{ the olympics are bad for me }

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i'm sitting here anxiously waiting for the clock indicate that it's 7:30pm
can you say olympic opening ceremonies??

i've never gotten excited for the olympics.
honestly, it bugs me that they interrupt regular television programming.
yet i've been looking forward to this year's games.

i have to admit it's a little masochist of me 
because i know that the olympics are usually a rough time for me.
why? because
i cry the entire time.
i'm not even kidding. 
not during certain events. like, at any point during any competition.
i don't even root for anyone. i just cry when i imagine what they must feel. 

truth be told, i get very emotional during any major athletic event.
it is all so silly.

but i think it's so weird that i get especially weepy during the olympics.
i mean, no offence olympians, but i couldn't care less about judo, taekwando, or archery. 
in truth, it's the personal stories that get me. 

like the the muslim saudi arabian woman who is scheduled to compete in judo.
her country will only allow her to compete if she wears a hijab 
the olympics committee says she cannot because it doesn't meet safety regulations for the sport.

she is also part of the first group of women 
who are allowed to represent the country in the opening ceremonies.

also like the story about the nigerian fencer who qualified for the last olympics
but her country refused funding and rejected the invitation so she couldn't compete.
her spot was given to an american woman who has since become a star.

then there's "the flying squirrel"
she's the young gymnast who left her tight knit family 
to train with the team across the country in search of competing in the olympics.
she all over he news this year.

it goes on and on.

i think of all the work they had to put in to even get there.
and if they win... geez, i just go ballistic.
can you imagine winning a metal???
putting your body through so much strain to become the best in the world.
and the parents! the pride they must feel. 
mrs. phelps jumping up and down... that would be me.

i'm telling you i'm a mess.

and yet, i'm flipping the channel to nbc
and grabbing the kleenex.
i'm just embracing it all.
and, yes, i'm fully prepared from the mockery.


Vivian said...

For a while I thought I was the only one crying...I hear you. Such inpiring stories that make us realize that anything is possible.

Erin James said...

Girl, I totally cry too! Those stories are so inspiring :)

Just stumbled upon your blog and glad I did - you have so many good ideas. Excited to read more and am following along :)



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