Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{ "tour" of our tv / family / play room }

One of the things I love about our house is our tv/family/play room
Technically it’s a bedroom… but we set it up as a multi-use room.
Thus far we haven’ needed a second bedroom so it has worked out.
Come see us again in a few years…

I love its function because all the daily “messy” things happen in there
while our living room is left alone as an escape of sorts for me. 
At least one room is clean in the house.
I know the idea of a formal living room is outdated… but oh well.

As our little family prepares for a big event (read: baby #2)
our tv/family/play room is also experiencing some changes.
So this weekend, we sold one of our couches on Craigslist.
It was is a beautiful couch but it wouldn’t serve our needs come November.
We had to part with it. It wasn’t so hard since we have another of the exact same one.
Now we're on the search for a small sectional.

In honor of that couch, I decided to share some seriously mediocre pictures with you
I just happened to take on a whim last week while I was picking up the room.
(Meaning they were kind of practice shots for a future shoot.)
Well, now they can serve a good purpose by giving you a tour of our family room. 

It's pretty plain and simple. I like that everything has a place 
and I can my husband can clean it up in five minutes or less at the end of the day.
It's comfortable and cheery and light and happy. It serves us well.

I never figured out what to do on this bare wall. Too late now.

This table was a quick project.  Click here to see it..

Dollar store flashcards. Yep.

I desperately wanted cafe curtains in this room because I love to let light into my house.
Thank God for my mom who satisfies all of my window treatment needs.

This dresser has been painted over like 4 times.
My family has had it for nearly 10 years and it has gone from person to person.
Poor thing when chevron goes out of style.

These are some old pictures. Look at how little my boy is!

We've since figured out how to stay on the chair.

Right now, since we are sans couch, this little guy is enjoying a train table grandma gave him.
So, you know, life isn't so bad. 

Yellow glider chair + ottoman: Craigslist : Free
Couch : Hand-me-down with thrifted red cover: Free + approximately $5
Chalkboard table : Thrifted + Restored : Probably $15 total
Pillows : Thrifted & Ikea
Fabric Frame : Thrifted + DIY
Curtains : DIY from a thrifted duvet cover cut apart
Bunting : DIY
Closet Unit : Hand-me-down missing doors so I made panel curtains for them
Cute crying kid : this bad mama


Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

The room looks great. The chevron dresser is sooooo stinkin' cute. And your little guy, agh... i love babies. Just wanna hold them:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog the other day! Glad you were able to relate about being a bit scared about having another baby! I think most mom's who go from one to two feel the same!

Love this playroom. I especially love the table with the chalk board paint on top! Very cute!

abby said...

Love, love, love that dresser!

thetwistedruffle said...

so cute! there are so many things i like here!! the bunting, the rug, and the dresser!! a chevron dresser? i need to do that!!!

Kirsten Oliphant said...

Super cute! I love it all--especially the thrifty aspects of it. The chalkboard tabletop is genius! Love your blog.

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

What a fantastic space! I LOVE the quote on the wall too. So perfect.
Thank you so much for linking up to the Pinworthy Projects Party!

Michelle@ourwonderfilledlife.com said...

Amazing, amazing, love what you've done, so beautiful, the little details are perfect and the chevron stripe adorable, pops of red, all of it such a fun space!!!


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