Monday, July 2, 2012

{ weekend surplus bragging }

hi there! i just wanted to brag a little bit about my weekend. 
there was an unexpected turn of events on friday that really set the tone for my weekend. 
that tone was: thank god for every single little thing we have. 

one of the readings on Sunday at church spoke to me:

"... your surplus at present may fill their deficit, and another time their surplus may fill your deficit. So there may be a fair balance; as scripture says:  No one who had collected more had too much, no one who collected less had too little.
2 Corinthians 8:15
I am definitely living in surplus... in every single aspect.
I thank God for it and I ask Him to make use of my surplus for His Good.

So these are some images of mundane "surplus" moments 
from our weekend that I am so very grateful for. 

My husband and brother-in-law took these two little cousins 
to watch a minor league baseball game on friday night... 
which meant alone mani/pedi time for me. Praise the Lord!!

After spending the evening at a naturally and expectantly filthy stadium,
Jake was boycotting showers.
This battle we will not lose. 

Thank God that Phil is home on weekends. 
We eat gooooood... and by good I don't mean whole wheat, nutritious, and balanced.
I mean for real good.  

We took a Saturday morning trip to Home Depot. Those trips always make me think of my dad. 
We dream and plan of things to do in our home. 
This plant will go into the files as "landscaping idea for front of the house"

On Sunday Phil continued working on a project that I will blog about when it's done.
This stage was the "first coast of new color" stage. 
So long cinnamon brown! Can I get an Amen?!

Jake and I spent a good chunk of time cooling off outside on Sunday
while Daddy painted the hallway.
This picture should be called "summer glee."

Since we sold our couch on Saturday (read more about it tomorrow),
I tried to rest on the floor.

Also, since we sold our couch on Craigslist, 
now we have room for a train table Phil's mom gave Jacob.
It keeps him thoroughly entertained... which really makes it more of a gift to me.

I was seriously just admiring my guy's work.
Battle wounds.

Do you have surplus moments? Isn't God great??

bits of splendor monday

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

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