Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{ what i wore : rust + mustard }

maternity style is not my favorite. 
i find it so difficult to dress a large bump... it's like i'm dressing a foreign body 
and i have a hard time finding stylish clothes at a decent price. 
so at times i've had to get creative with non-maternity pieces.

which combined two colors i would typically not put together:
rust mustard

i got the idea to just hike up a non-maternity skirt 
from seeing hello hue's lindsay do just that throughout her pregnancy. 
she always has the cutest outfits that i could never pull off.

the top is definitely not long enough to cover my bump but it doesn't matter since it's tucked in.

skirt : anthropologie $20 ( in 2009) 
lace shirt : target $8 
broken belt tied in a knot : mom's closet
sandals : gap $7 (also 2009)

ps: if you ask me, this is exactly what blogs are intended for: inspiration. thanks ladies!

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