Thursday, July 19, 2012

{ woe! pregnancy weight gain }

Remember that time I gave you a 22 week bump update?
Well, apparently I lied. 
That was last Monday and later that week I found out I was actually 24 weeks along. 
I've found that I forget and overlook a lot more things with this pregnancy. 
Must be a second baby kinda thing. 

So in interest of honesty, I am 25 weeks along today.

I had an appointment on Tuesday. The 6 month appointment. 
It was the appointment I had been dreading. 
Nothing especially exciting happened. 
Except that the moment I was not looking forward to took place.
The moment when I was weighed 
and the scale signaled an entirely undesirable combination of numbers.

I knew that moment was coming. I expected it.
During my pregnancy with Jacob and during this pregnancy, 
24 weeks marks the point when I start weighing more than I have ever weighed before. 
It is the moment when I totally surrender to the little life inside of me 
and realize that it is truly about them and not about me.  

Obviously, it's normal and healthy to gain weight when you're pregnant. 
I eat just like I have before and then throw in my cravings...
It was 100 degrees yesterday and I still decided to make chocolate chip cookies. 
Clearly I'm not avoiding any weight gain but it still bums me out.

Stating the obvious: of course I'd rather not gain weight.
Wouldn't that just be phenomenal? Pregnancy without the weight.
Even better: pregnancy without the weight loss. 
But that's impossible and it would be kinda creepy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dwelling or depressed or anything of the sort...
It's simply a "milestone" that stands out in my personal pregnancy experience. 
I've never met any woman who enjoys gaining weight during pregnancy so I know I'm not alone.
Even more, I haven't met a woman who doesn't remember 
nearly exactly how much they gained with each baby. 
It's not something to be enjoyed. It's just something normal to be accepted and embraced.

After this girl arrives, I'll be doing my best to shed the leftover baby pounds.
Eventually I'll hit the pavement, the gym, and lettuce will be a far more frequent guest on my plate.

For now, I'll just cringe a little when I watch those numbers increase every month
... and then I'll get over it. 

I mean, after all, 
I am growing a human being in here. 

image: my current kitchen table centerpiece. 
having mini roses around the house makes me think of this baby girl.


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

The weight gain is the hardest thing about the pregnancy! Some days it really messes with my head how big I'm getting or how much I weigh. But then just like you, I have to remind myself what it's all for and get over it. Sometimes easier said then done!

BeaumontGirl said...

New to blogging and came across your blog--Love it! So adorable!!!!

Pregnancy Week by Week said...

Weight gain is not a big problem. when we maintain the perfect food diet with nutritions then you can easily gain weight.

No(dot dot)el said...

I could think of so many things about pregnancy and labor delivery that I could live with out. All of which pales in comparison to that lil bundle of joy, but still is so NOT fun! I DO remember so much that dreaded number and I would just look away at a certain point. I told my Dr. by number 4 just don't even tell me unless I have gained a concerning amount of weight. I wish I would have said that with each of them and saved myself the misery. Hang in there Momma... it will all be worth it.
Oh and yes time flying by and forgetting things is most certainly due to baby #2 ;)


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