Friday, August 24, 2012

{ family is everything }

On Fridays I always want to sing that N*Sync song "Just Got Paid"
Classic. Gotta love Justin's blond afro. 

This week has been a little nutty. 
I've been anticipating today since Monday. 
That's not an exaggeration. 
And now that Friday is here, all I can think about is what I still need to do.
I need to stop myself. Push those concerns all the way to the back of my little brain. 

One thing I try to be good at is focusing on my family during the weekend.
They are such precious days, Saturday and Sunday. 
So precious and so short.
I think it's important to switch mindsets on those days. 
Monday-Friday, it's all business. We all work hard, commute, clean, etc.
Family can be pushed aside in the midst of busy-ness.
It shouldn't be that way. Family should always come first.
But it happens. 

Today I encourage you to try not to worry about work and responsibilities this weekend. 
Focus on your family. 
Remember that if you lose your job on Monday...
If your house burns down on Monday...
If your computer crashes on Monday...
Your family will still be there to love you.

Foster those relationships because, really, isn't that all we really have?


Stephanie said...

Such wise words from such a beautiful heart. xo

Unknown said...

Aww that is such a cute face!!!

Thanks for linking up to the CHQ Blog Hop - see you again next Tuesday!

karamurano said...

I get paid every other friday and I sing this song in my head everytime! just got paid, friday night.
I was more of JC girl myself.
I love you.


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