Thursday, August 2, 2012

{ growing impatient }

( 26 week belly. i look MUCH bigger when i'm standing. trust me. )

I am 27 weeks pregnant today. 
13 weeks to go. 
13 + 1.5 if this baby is like her brother.

There is so long to go. It seems like an eternity.
Yet I'm getting impatient already.
I just want to have this baby here... like now.

The excitement and anxiety of labor has already set in. 
I've not met too many women who yearn to go into labor.
But I do... 
since the moment I find out I'm pregnant, I am already looking forward to the hospital room.

The first time around it was such an incredibly challenging experience.
Yet I am dying to go through it again.
My labor with Jacob was long and painful - he was facing the wrong way -
but I will do it again just to see this baby's face for the first time.
To hold their new little bodies.
To smell the newness in their breath. I know that's what heaven smells like.
To sit in the hospital room with our lives instantly changed forever.
To feel the most genuine joy I have ever felt.

I'm ready to be a family of 4.
I know newborns are difficult in and of themselves. 
I have flashbacks of what it was like having Jacob here as a newborn.
Changing diapers in the middle of the night, waking up early to a very quiet world, 
sitting on the couch to nurse him every few minutes, 
bathing him in lukewarm water.
It was so difficult and yet so blissful all in the same. 
I'm ready to do it again.

I imagine the transition from one kid to two kids will be tougher than I can envision
but I am mentally prepared to tackle it wing it.

I find myself in wonder a lot.
Mostly I wonder why God created a human gestational period of 9 months.
It's a terribly long time.
(I assume there is a lesson in patience here somewhere.)

I wonder what it will be like to love another baby as much as I love Jacob.
I wonder what he will be like with a sister.
I wonder how we'll manage another life when it seems that our lives are so full as they are. 

I wonder
and I am just so impatient to have some answers.

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Meredith said...

The part about labor and the newness of babies just makes me even more impatient to have this baby (and I still have 23 weeks to go!). AH! Why is the gestational process so long?

Either way, you are almost there and the belly is adorable!

Dvora Koelling said...

I feel your anxiousness, my friend. I am just about 23 weeks pregnant, and cannot wait for this baby's arrival (and yet, there are SO many weeks left to go). I will be having a boy, and am similarly wondering how my 21 month old girl will deal with the baby's arrival.

I hope the next 13 weeks go quickly for you.

(Found you through the blog hop, and am glad to have found another pregnant mama blogger to follow).


Julie Rogers said...

Great post---and your little one may come out early the second time! My first was a week late and my second was almost two weeks early---so you have hope:) Found you through Mommy Mixer and just became your newest follower! Hope you check out The Chirping Moms for lots of great posts and giveaways everyday this week!


Unknown said...

Your blog is lovely! I am so glad we found each others blogs! Having them finally here is so so wonderful! And I loved being at the hospital with the babies too! Not to mention that little red button that brought service any time I pushed it....kinda loved that too!

TicoTina said...

such a cute belly! =) I was very nervous for our second, but it really went quite well. you just never know how the new baby's personality is going to be. it doesn't take long for it to feel normal, but now if I think about having a third I get completely nervous all over again! maybe that never really goes away. I don't think I want to test it out, though.

Allison said...

Love this post. I am glad to hear that your birth experience although hard is something you look forward to again. It gives me a little hope for mine! I am sort of anxious about the whole thing and slightly in denial about having to birth this baby soon!

Jelli said...

Awww. Congrats on your pregnancy. How sweet to be pregnant again. I'm only a mama of one so far, but I've heard not to expect pregnancy #2 to be the same as the 1st. Perhaps you'll have 13 weeks, maybe the +1.5, or maybe even less. Enjoy this special time! Just found your blog & enjoying looking around.

Sussan Pires/Lopez said...

Es! This blog is beautiful!!! I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!! Xo -Sue Lopez

Cassie said...

Oh I know, it's terrible!! It's SO hard to be patient. When I was pregnant with my second and feeling that way, I always tried to calm myself by planning all sorts of fun things to do with my daughter that would be much more difficult to do when there were 2! I tried to take advantage of the time with just her, which I knew I'd never get back. I think this helped keep me focused. By the way, your belly is too stinking cute!

I'm so glad you linked up to the Mixer and I hope to see you again on Thursday! Also, come on by and enter to win a super adorable Thirty-One bag or some awesome discounts on a Thirty-One order! :)


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