Sunday, August 5, 2012

{ meal planning and a printable }

Hey there! Are you into meal planning? It saves my sanity here.
I found out how to share a document for others to print
so I'm sharing the template that I use every. single. monday
before I head to the supermarket.

It keeps me sane and organized. 
It's pretty self explanatory and you're smart 
but just for the heck of it I'll break it down

Menu Column
On the Schedule: I write down if we have anything going on that will affect meals. Like on Tuesdays my husband either works late or has a meeting so usually I write that down and I have leftovers for dinner... or something he wouldn't eat (usually something involving chickpeas).

Lunch: Usually it's a sandwich or leftovers. It depends on what I am making the night before.

Dinner: Always (yeah right) something yummy.

What is needed column
I write down what ingredients are needed for that night's recipe.

Shopping List Column
That's where I write all the ingredients that I don't already have from the "needed" column. Also, anything that's on sale or that I need in general.

Do you meal plan? I hope this template helps you in some way!

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In case you forgot, Thrifty Love Link-Up posts go up tomorrow!
I can't wait to share about what my partner sent me. Love!!


Unknown said...

Genial, gracias!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog on the blog hop! I love this meal planner! I definitely plan on using this!

Kels said...

I love this template, but I'd like to modify it a bit for my needs. Is there anyway you could send me, or post, and edible version of this form? Or as something that is not a PDF?

Thank you so much!


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