Thursday, August 16, 2012

{ reading up for birth }

Two months and sixteen days.
That's how long until my due date.
77 days.
That's so long and, at the same time, not long at all.

Sometimes I wish I could have a healthy, fully-developed baby like now
and then I remember that I still have so much that I want/need to get done before she arrives.

One of the things I want/need (the line between the two is unclear) to get done is 
prepping to have a drug free birth.

Yes, I did it with Jacob but I don't think that guarantees that I'll be ready to do it again with this one.
Maybe I'm over-analyzing the situation or just a too much of a worrier
but I'd rather over-prepare than under.

With that said... I've started my reading.

Phil and I took a class to prep for Jake's birth. 
(click here to read more about it. i  h i g h l y  recommend it if you're in Northern or Central NJ)
These books were part of the recommended reading
but I only skimmed through it (sorry Laura).

This time, since we won't be in a weekly class, 
I want to do a self-study to remind myself of why 
I want to put my body through that sort of pain again.

The books I'm trying to read are:

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way
This book is a bit extreme for me but there are bits and pieces to take from it that are helpful.
It's the book where you get ideas for laboring positions and where your "coach" 
can learn about how to help the laboring woman.

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn
This book is really comprehensive. It covers a lot of the basics 
(like conception... which we're clearly past) 
but it also helps you put together a birth plan, gives ideas for positions for pain bearing, 
and tells you about recovery and breastfeeding.

The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
I think this book is intended to be more of a "outing" of doctors. 
It gives you some facts regarding "standard practices" that make me a bit nervous.
It says it's not biased... but I think it is a little bit.
Either way, I would rather read the whole thing for some of the very useful information
than not read it at all.
When I read it, I always try to think of what the rebuttal would be from the other side of the argument, not because I don't believe it, just because I like to keep my opinions in check.

This is part of the class booklet. 
It's a reprint from the United States Department of Health and Human Services Blueprint for Action on Breastfeeding which can be found here

I read it before Jake was born and I'll read it once or twice again before this little lady is born.
I'm not one of those women who enjoys nursing. 
I didn't experience the whole bonding deal everyone talked about.
I still nursed Jake until he was 13-months-old. 

It was reading things like this that kept me going
so I'm hoping to have the same motivation this time around. 

Then there's this one. Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book.
My friends are good, they read it cover to cover before their babies were born.
I'm not that good. I'll skim it and refer to it with questions when it's time to give a vaccine.
I'll use it as a guide in order to make informed decisions.

Right now I'm wondering how our kids' vaccine schedules will differ since they are different genders. 

See... it's things on my to do list like reading almost 4 books 
that make me think 2.5 months will not be nearly enough. 
I guess that's why I'm getting to it now. 

Do you do any reading before having a baby? Are you do any informational reading right now?


Lindsay said...

Good luck. I was induced with my first (water broke after 7 hours of waiting they started the Pit. blah) that resulted in an epi. definitely not how I wanted it to go, but it could of been worse. So the 2nd time around, I knew I wanted to do it differently. I held out at home as long as I could. Walked in at 7cm was admitted at 8am had him at 9am! That's my kind of labor/delivery. I hope yours goes as smoothly as mine did. :)

Monica said...

Good for you for diving into the reading again! And I know all birth's are different...but you did it the first time! My second was drug free, but not my first (although I really really tried). The second time around I made a little mantra "Do nothing other than birth". I didn't let anything or any thought penetrate that mantra. Thinking of you and really hoping for a peaceful second birth for you. Love that Dr. Sears book by the way. Now following you via the mingle and would love a follow back. Lovely blog, I will be back for more!

Kirsten Oliphant said...

I remember how long and short those months seem before birth! Great reading choices--have read some, but not all. I think that Thinking Woman's Guide is more than a *little* biased, but I still like reading books on the extreme so I can find my own place in the middle, if that makes sense. :) I had two attempted-home births that ended in hospital transfers for different reasons. One vaginal birth, one section. I feel in some ways like I've gotten bits and pieces of every kind of birth out there! The thought makes me exhausted. You never know what you're going to get, so preparing is awesome! HOpe for the best birth for you!

Jen said...

What great books! I read a whole bunch while pregnant with my first 6 years ago, including some of these. I didn't go med-free each time, but my easiest delivery was my natural one this time around! I really loved always being well informed and prepared for anything since each labor & delivery can be so different. good luck to you! I'm a new follower :)

Myn @ fresh graNOLA family said...

Hi! I found you from Two In Diapers. Congrats on your pregnancy! I delivered two of my kids drug free, and I read everything I could, but I think reading birth stories was probably my favorite. You'll do great. :) said...

I'm hoping to have a natural birth this time too - although I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. I was induced with my first, so I actually had two epidurals, and I'm convinced that neither of them did anything! These are such interesting looking books - will you be reviewing them?

No(dot dot)el said...

You are right that 2.5 months or 77 days isn't very long for all the reading. But it sounds like you are getting off to a good start. I always read What To Expect when You Are Expecting and Growing Kids God's Way. I also love to read parenting books still. Some of my favorites are A Mother's Heart and Parenting with Love and Logic. What I think is so great Esther is that it's reading like this that proves you are a good momma because you are going to constantly be studying your child. That's the key, I'm convinced because although these books are extremely helpful, there is nothing that can compare to a parent who has learned the art of studying their own child :) I'm excited for YOU xo


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