Monday, August 6, 2012

{ thrifty love | the link up! }

It's here!
The thrifty love gift exchange is h e r e!

I'm excited to be among this lovely group of ladies
 hannahdaniellesarahjamiheathercarina, & honey
co-hosting this little linky party.

I got paired up with Ashley Marie from Chickadette
and as soon as I saw her picture, I was jealous of her tattoos.
If I was slightly more rebellious, I would have half sleeve ink like her.
But, alas, I'm not.

Ashley is taking a little break from blogging
but go ahead check her out!

About the thrift gift exchange,
she rocked my socks off.

Ashley sent me three seemingly handmade, linen dresses for our little girl.
I honestly can't wait to see her in one of them. 
I'm picturing her with footless tights under one of the sleeveless ones
...and a big flower on her head. 

Also, I'm in love with the details.
The lace, the scallop. Swoon!!
I particularly love that they're not pink. 
They're so girly and yet a lovely shade of blue. 

Are you linking up? Check out some of the ladies joining our party today!


Lora said...

oh my goodness! how beautiful!! wasn't this gift exchange so much fun?! i had a blast, too. :) lora

Stephanie said...

Esther!! Those are beautiful! What a treasure. And that shade of blue is gonna look so pretty on her!...especially if she has her momma's complexion!

No(dot dot)el said...

Those dresses are so beautiful. So simple and elegant and I Love how you have them displayed right now, waiting for your little peanut.


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