Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ we held hands }

On Saturday morning we dropped off Jake at his godparents house
and boarded a train into New York City.
NYC is only an hour away from home and we were only gone for a total of 30 hours
but it was a much needed getaway for Phil and me.

Last week, Phil didnt get home until 9 or later three out of five nights of the work week.
He is usually gone 13 hours a day so even if he doesn't work late... its a long day for everyone.
I've been working a ton preparing for taking a maternity leave from my job as a freelance writer. 

Even eliminating those stressful factors, life gets hectic 
when you have a job, a house, a kid, and other miscellaneous responsibilities.

Lately, it's just been a lot to take.

A few weeks ago I cried out to Phil in an email
"We need some kid-free time."
Without skipping a beat, he emailed back
"I agree."

I'm blessed that this guy grew up with parents 
who set a great example of setting time aside for weekly date nights and frequent time away.
Because of them, he knows that it's important. 

Long story short... we went away! We left Jake the Snake for longer than we had ever left him before.
Trust me, it was harder than I thought it would be.

...and you know what happened?
We didn't hold hands with Jacob. We didn't cut up his food. We didn't change diapers. 
We just walked through the streets of NYC and held hands.
We also talked uninterruptedly. Listened uninterruptedly.
I got a little mad at Phil for making me walk extra walks
but then I got over it really fast.
He laughed. I laughed too.
It was kinda great.

I realized that I kinda love him and we're kinda meant to be together forever.

Last but not least, here's an onslaught of pictures from our weekend that I just know you'll enjoy... 
or not. But whatever. 

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Not because we're cultured or anything but because 
it's conveniently located next to Central Park and you can get in by just making a donation.

Phil got this cool picture. He was playing around with exposure time.

We sneakily followed a tour group around for 5 minutes 
to find out more about what we were looking at. 

I love when Phil shamelessly captures these great, once-in-a-lifetime moments.
This family decided that bringing an electric kid-size Cadillac instead of a stroller was a good idea.
So these two girls were driving through the sidewalks of Manhattan
and the dad, ever so thoughtful, had strapped some sort of music apparatus to the back of the car
and was blasting some tunes to liven up their stroll.
Only in the city do you see these things. 

I had a craving for a gum ball. 

We headed out to dinner at 9pm. Yes NINE AT NIGHT.
What are we like single, without kids? So wild.

You know what else I realized? Phil and I love eating. 
I think it's our shared love language. 
As a bonus, we decided not to worry about how much we spent on food for the weekend.
Yes, we love it that much.
Not that we're big spenders... but it felt so luxurious not to look at the prices on the menu.

We finished up the weekend by eating lunch outside at Bryant Park. 
And much to our amusement we were able to catch the beginning of an annual topless rally 
from which we quickly ran away.
Again, only in the city.

As perfect as it was, it was nice to come home to this little guy and be a family again.

I'm linking up with Jami today for We Encourage Tuesday
I hope our little getaway encourages you to take time aside to spend with your spouse...
and hold hands :)

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sarah said...

i LOVE this girl. oh my heart went pitter patter thinking about how badly we need this too. like BADLY. I understand the long hours, it is hard. It just the season we are i, so I am ok with it, but it still sucks. I LOVE that you emphasized that you held hands. LOVE. because I would notice that too. :) When Parker gets home tonight (yep hes still at work) I am going to remind him how badly we need this. He will quickly agree too Im sure. :) Pray for us that we can find the time and cash to do it!! LOVE YOU!!! thanks for sharing girl.


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