Monday, September 17, 2012

{ annual family beach trip }


Summer just ended. Like yesterday.
At least for us it did.
We just returned from our little family's trip to Long Beach Island.
I have to say it was the most blissful trip to date. 
I love my family. I love my boys. 
I love seeing them together. I love being with them. 

We spent our days hanging out. 
Waking up. Eating breakfast. Going to the beach.
Going back to the apartment. Eating lunch. Taking a nap. Watching TV.
Going out for dinner. Walking through town. Eating fudge. Eating ice cream.
Repeating it four days in a row.

I wish it never ended. I wish vacation life was real life. 

But we've returned to real life.
Since our return just over 24 hours ago 
Phil was involved in a hit-and-run accident and we've been dealing with that.
He seriously had to follow the other driver through town trying to get their plate numbers
and then calling the police while he drove.
Boom. Just like that we're back to the real world. 
Phil's fine, by the way, it's just an unexpected situation 
that adds so many items to the endless list of things to do. 

I guess it's real life things like that that makes me appreciate time off even more. 


Jelli said...

Esther, these photos made me want to hitchhike along with you on your next family vacay! The beach, the boys, the ice cream....What fun you all must have had. Found and following you now from the mixer. Can't wait to check out your other posts.

Taara said...

Cute, cute baby bump! (makes me want another - hehehe)


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