Friday, September 21, 2012

{ a boy's birthday }

Two years ago we welcomed a baby into the world.
 on Tuesday  September 21 at 11:03am.
The Lord gave me the desires of my heart when a voice in the delivery room exclaimed
"It's a boy!"
Jacob is exactly what I wanted. 
Yes, a boy, but even more than that,
he's the type of boy I envisioned my son being like.
Rough and tough yet sweet and funny.
Jake lights up my day every single day.

Sometimes I find myself catching my breath when I look at him.
The wind gets knocked out of me when I realize how beautiful he is, inside and out.
When I see him hold his little hands together while we say grace at the table.
When he laughs so hard that I can see every single tooth he has.
When I pick him up in the morning and he says "Where's Daddy??" every single time.

I love him more than I can even comprehend and I thank God for him each day.
I wonder what he'll be when he grows up. 

It's been a pleasure to see him through the last two years.
I can't wait to spend my lifetime as his mama. 
It's an honor and a joy.

Happy Birthday, Jake-the-Snake. 
My cheerful baby. My happy baby. My easy baby. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your precious little one!! Hope it's a fantastic day for him.


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