Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{ construction cake topper printables }

yesterday i posted about jake's birthday party/playdate
in the interest of keeping it simple
these little construction sign cake and cupcake toppers 
were the pretty much the only decorations i focused on.
so to make it even simpler for you, i'm sharing the templates for you to make the toppers yourself.

it's so easy.

for the cake topper, since it's big, cut it out 
and glue onto two skewers after you cut them to about four or five inches 

for the cupcake toppers, cut them out and glue them onto toothpicks

1 comment:

Lisa Peacock said...

Love this! I found you via Pinterest and my son's name is Jake also. He wants a construction cake this year. Do you actually have a downloadable version of the "happy Birthday Jake" sign? I'd love to use it, if so. Thanks!


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