Monday, September 10, 2012

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I'm back to blogging
and I have no idea how to write this "Hi! I"m back!" post 
so I'll explain where I've been the last week.

I've mentioned before that I'm a freelance writer 
and I have a semi-permanent gig with two newspapers in South Jersey.

Originally, when I got pregnant with #2 I thought I would stop working.
When I called my publisher to tell him I needed to quit or at least take a temporary break
I was, very easily I must say, coerced into continuing to write for them.
All I needed to hear were sweet words of appreciation and great feedback about my work.

As I was speaking to him I realized that I am so incredibly blessed to have this little gig.
I make my own schedule, I pick my own topics, I meet very flexible deadlines.

I basically get to be at stay-at-home mom while at the same time contributing to the family finances.
These are all luxuries, this I know.
I just couldn't give it up.
While I have a good set up, it's not totally easy set up.
When I'm working I have to juggle a lot of things, set up babysitters, work late at night.
But the sacrifice is worth it.

Last Friday I wrapped up writing the articles 
for September, October, November, December, and January.
Because I write human interest stories and columns,
I was able to write them ahead of time. 
I will re-read them and bring them up to date as the deadlines for each month come up.

But for the next 4.5 months, I'm free to enjoy my son, love my husband, 
and prepare and wait for this little girl's arrival.
Today, was the best day that I've had in several weeks.

It was obvious that Jake could tell the difference 
between last month's distant mother and the mom he had today.
It made me so joyful to be present for him.
I was able to have prayer time.
I made my husband a meal he enjoys.
I knocked off at least half of my to-do list.
It wasn't humid or hot and my clothes actually fit. 
I'm so grateful for my job. For my family. For my life.
It's a damn good life.

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