Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{ baby essentials according to me }

1. rock and play :: this is a sleeping must-have for me. my mom bough me this when jacob was just a few days old and he slept in it, day and night, until he was like five months. i think the incline helped him sleep and stay asleep. when he didn't stay asleep at night i would just reach over and rock him until he slept again. it folds up great for carrying around the house and even for travel (it went to costa rica with us). i've recommended it and given it to as many people as i can. 

2. white onesies :: i just got some new ones for this babe. i think it's one those things you should buy new for every baby. nothing like a freshly bathed little one in a white onesie. 

3. nursing top :: as opposed to nursing bras. i love that my tummy (not in the best shape after growing a baby) is still covered while i nurse. i can clip and unclip the straps with one hand. you don't have that commodity with nursing bras.  

4. nursing pads :: for those early days especially until the supply is established. and at night. waking up on top of a milk puddle is the worst. 

5. mittens :: another thing i think you should buy new for every baby. i hate cutting baby nails. i almost nicked the tip of jake's finger once and haven't tried it again since. truth. so my kids nails are bound to be long unless dad or grandma cuts them. they wear mittens until then. 

5. diaper caddy :: this was part of a baby shower gift i received and it turned out to be super super useful. it has a space for diapers and wipes and a drawer where i keep nursing pads and nursing cream. then i carry it around the house so it's at hand's reach all the time.

7. flannel blankets:: wrap those babies up! 

8. snap and go :: jake would fall asleep in the car all the time and the snap and go was great because i didn't have to take him out of the seat. i actually bought a newer one for this baby since i beat up our old one so much. 

9. sports bras :: then i got sick of nursing tops and their clips. when i was home i would just wear sports bras. they are easier to simply pull up... and cheaper. 

10. hot sling :: i started using the hot sling when jake started having the ability to hold his head up. it was great to walk around the supermarket. there are no clips or rings or knots to figure out. just wrap it around your shoulder and slip that baby in. 

11. nursing cover :: my ta-tas are for me to see and sometimes my husband. i like to keep it that way. even the most modest of shirts or the most extensive expertise will sometimes let out a poke. 

12. nursing pillow/brest friend :: sometimes babies get heavy..like at 3am when you've slept in 2 hour increments for the last day. that's when it's nice to have a pillow to rest him or her on.

13. pajama gowns :: the footless ones. who wants to be snapping tiny snaps in the middle of the night? not this girl.

14. bathtub sling :: these things are perfect for the first few months to keep them inclined in their tub.

15. white noise maker :: we still use jake's every single night. it drowns all the noises outside of his bedroom and helps him sleep deeper for longer. 

16. socks and hats :: socks are another item that i think every baby should have new for themselves. and lots of them. those tiny things get lost so so so easily!! i stocked up for this baby. i believe she has more than 10 pairs! i also use a mesh bag from the dollar store to wash them in which helps avoid losing them... sometimes.

17. blankie :: it may not be a do or die kinda item but i know jake has been an independent sleeper partially due to his attachment to his blankie. it gives him comfort where ever he is put down to sleep. we already have one ready for his little girl even though we probably wont start giving it to her for a few months.

these are the things i've been gathering for the past nine months to prepare for this babe.
do you have anything you can't live without when you have a new baby?


Lauren said...

It's so fun (and helpful) to see the different must-haves. Thanks for sharing! I've wondered about the brest friend pillow vs. boppy, as I was not a fan of the boppy. So maybe for babe 2 we'll go the brest friend route. And can I get an amen for the nursing tank top?!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Thank you Thank you for posting this!! I've been wondering what the must haves are! My first is due in January and this list was super helpful!

No(dot dot)el said...

I was really dependent on that soothing stuff that comes in a purple tube and you put on the feeders ;)
Oh and I liked using a nuk. All 4 of my kids loved the nuk. Great list Esther. I'm getting so excited for you.

Sandy a la Mode said...

yup! i agree with all of these!

Sandy a la Mode

sarah said...

I would prob include all these things too! Ive been thinking about doing a "mommy must haves" post sometime soon...I def think posts like this help other mommies to be and first timers! I cannot believe shes almost here!!!! CANT WAIT!! love to you girl!!!

Jelli said...

Oh, Esther, you're such a Tica :) All the mamas here love baby mittens. We were gifts a ka-trillion and couldn't use them because my baby managed to take them off...even in her early days. My midwife advised biting baby's nails, so we went for that, worried we'd nick our little girl with clippers. It worked great! Gowns are amazing,as are teensy tiny hats. Have a great week.


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