Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{ consumerism }

sometimes i feel like God sends me little clues to get a message across to me

recently i've been coming across clues all over the place that have led me to this:
detach. let go of the material. it doesn't matter.

clue #1
i saw this quote somewhere. probably on pinterest.  
it has resonated in my head for days. i even wrote it on our chalkboard.

clue #2
this post by davi from our little band of brothers was another clue. it spoke to me.
i questioned how i would do if our church went through the same challenges. 
special treasure garage sale? rice diet?
as i read her post i was glad i don't go to her church. 
what does that say about me?

clue #3
recently i've found myself sitting in my car parked on our driveway 
holding my breath before i get out to unload a ton of store bags.
i hold my breath because i fear that consumerism has a hold of me.
because the number of bags is consistent and high.
i'm embarrassed that our neighbors see me get out of the car with a ton of bags all the time.

some of the things in those bags are needs. 
food, nursing pads, diapers
but not all of them
a mattress pad, clothes, a smart phone protector for when kids use them
it's retail therapy, i tell myself sometimes. it keeps me sane.
but really that's just a nice way to say consumerism.

clue #4
on sunday we heard mark 10:17-30 at church

 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.

(( yikes))

i mean no one would say we're financially "rich" if they glanced at our bank account 
but i know we're rich. richly blessed. materially and otherwise.

during the homily, our priest said something that struck me
i'm paraphrasing

god may not be calling you 
to sell all your possessions.
you can keep your things
just make sure your things don't keep you

(( double yikes))

alright alright. i get it, God. 

detach. let go of the material. it doesn't matter.
detach. let go of the material. it doesn't matter.
detach. let go of the material. it doesn't matter.

it's so easy to justify unnecessary shopping 
when i don't spend a lot of money 
when i stick to the budget
when i buy things on sale or with coupons or at a thrift store.

but it doesn't make it right. or even okay.
i have so much already. why more? 

and in the end. what god is telling me is true. (isn't it always?)

what does matter is clinging to my God 
and then my husband, my kids, my family


Anonymous said...

What a convicting (but oh so true) post. Thanks for that :)

karamurano said...

LOVE this!

Southern Wifey said...

wow, very inspiring post, definitely making me question my planned target shopping trip for today lol

the sweet life of a southern wife

Ashley O'Brien said...

Oh man. This was tough for me to read. I've been fighting back tears the whole time. Since baby arrived we have been BROKE. adoption bills keep coming, life keeps happening and our wallets keep getting emptied. I don't get to shop or buy new things...or even used things. I actually have to plan meals and cut coupons to save money and we share one car to save on using the extra car we have. I mean, how can a family share one car and cut coupons!? (Sarcasm) Thanks for posting this. I really needed it. Like for reals. We have sooo much. One nice car, one pretty home, one beautiful baby...And the list goes on and on...It's time to let go...

Katie Smith said...

Whoa, God for sure used this post to speak to me also!!! Thanks for this!! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

Emily said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing. :)

Hannah R. said...

Needed this today. :)

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

yup. do the same thing. "it's on sale, i'm being thrifty" so it's ok to buy.

doesn't matter. where is my treasure stored up? where is my identity found?

it should not be in the aisles of a store, thrift shop or nordstrom.

sarah e said...

Esther, I'm a recently joined blog follower and I really loved this post. It's something I've been thinking about a lot recently too. Our pastor spoke about the verse in Mark last Sunday. I feel like their all conspiring together to preach about materialism right before the holidays. haha Just know you aren't alone in this!

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

So true. I often tell myself it's on sale and it's okay to treat myself, but when I'm honest STUFF has more of a hold on me than it should. Thanks for the reminder of what truly matters.


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