Monday, October 22, 2012

{ fluffing the nest }

What did you do this weekend? 
Me? I fluffed my nest.
Correction. I ordered people around who offered to help me fluff my nest.
It was a productive few days and I feel closer to being ready to have this baby.

My mom and her boyfriend came over. 
My mom cleaned my whole house and her boyfriend painted Phil's and my bedroom.
Yes. For real. I am so grateful.
Jake spent some time with his other grandma so I was able to help my mom clean. 
I bleached the kitchen cabinets and on top of the refrigerator. 
Phil installed Closet Maid shelves and hanging rods in the kids' closet and our upstairs "linens" closet.
I told you it was productive. 
I'm thrillllled. You have no idea. 

Phil said painting, cleaning, and organizational supplies should be my love language.
I think it might be.

The kids' closet has a top area and a bottom area. One for each kid. 
I love the separate hanging space. 

Yes. Those shoes are for real. 

Jake helped when he came home.

This is our "linens" closet. 
Please imagine a "before" picture in which there is one shelf high up and one long hanging rod.
Not a great use of space.

I've never been so excited about beige. That's the color I picked for our bedroom. 
The old color is embarrassing. It's called Sahara Yellow 
but really it's just a nice name for school bus yellow. 
You may think beige is plain and boring but after three years of school bus yellow
I will happily work with a (literally) blank canvas.

 I'm working on the decor. 

I love our chandelier. That's been here the whole time.

The end. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. 
If home improvement projects and cleaning are your thing like they are for me... 
you know I enjoyed mine.


Ashley O'Brien said...

I could spend all my time and money buying things to clean and organize my home,! M actually a little sad because since I stay home with the baby the house is super organized and there isn't much left for me to do! :(. I wish I could have helped you this weekend! So jealous of your awesome baby closet! P.s. praying The Lord give you patience as you wait for baby girl to arrive!!

thetwistedruffle said...

i'm dying over the clean closets. i literally had to dig through mine to find my missing boot. it's in really bad shape--i need you!!!

Southern Wifey said...

so jealous of your organized closets! ive been trying to convince either my hubs or my father to install closetmaid shelving in the nursery and havent yet succeeded :(

the sweet life of a southern wife

No(dot dot)el said...

Looks like the nesting symptom is in full affect. Those shoes... oh my goona ... so super cute. I can hardly wait to see your lil peanut!


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