Thursday, October 11, 2012

{ #lakeplacidjam }

yes this place is for real. 

we did it.
this little girl in my womb and i made our way to lake placid, ny 
for a girls weekend with blogger friends
and back. safely.
i was concerned that i would go into labor while five hours away from home
and that phil would miss the whole thing
though i was confident that my friends could deliver a child if needed
but it didn't come to that.


i came home tuesday after spending five days with great girls from all over the country
whom i met for the first time last friday

we did a lot of:
sitting around the fire, relaxing, drinking coffee, eating, sleeping, 
taking pictures, and strolling around the village.
we shared life stories and struggles and testimonies.

i guess it wasn't what most bloggers would think would happen during a "blogger meet up"
but we did exactly what we wanted to do..
pretty much nothing... while wearing pajamas , yoga pants, and scarves 
it was blissful.
personally, it was exactly what i needed at this point in the pregnancy.
and even though i was the only preggo one, i know the other ladies needed the same 
because we're all moms and we love our kids to the moon and back...
so much so that it takes all of our energy and sometimes we need to recharge.
God definitely blessed us all with a chance to do just that.

life at the cabin. 

i can't post about this trip without saying thank you to these ladies.
they loved on me.
we were all there for some personal rest and relaxation
we all needed it, deserved it, and wanted it just the same...
and yet they all took it upon themselves to be concerned with me
constantly asking how i felt,
insisting that i take the most comfortable california king size bed ever
and then sharing it when i didn't want to sleep in a room by myself
offering the recliner seats to me,
encouraging me to rest and put my feet up,
sharing their pregnancy and birth stories with me,
complimenting my outfits which made me stop thinking that i look like a cow
so thank you, girls. 
it meant so much to me. 
|| || ||
i'm glad to be home. 
i missed my boys so much while i was away.
more than i thought i would actually.
it was right back to real life when i picked up jacob
when he decided to throw a tantrum as we got out of the car 
because he wanted to keep driving God knows where.
but that's okay... 
i can deal with it and his cute little face makes it worth it every time.


{cuppakim} said...

this is just so great.
what a fun amazing weekend you ladies shared. love all of them. what a great time, best of the best! :)

and of COURSE they were so kind to you. that is why they are so loved around these parts, right? :)

glad you got to enjoy your time AND relax.

everything looks LOVELY.

Erika said...

Looks fabulous:) What a nice treat for you, and all the other women. This makes me want to plan a girls trip - just the same - a low key weekend at a lake. Wrapped in a big scarf!

sarah said...

love you. SO much, girl. :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Your pics are so beautiful Esther. That top one.. be still my beating heart is so gorgeous. That one and Carina in a Moose hat I think those are my favs ;) I'm so happy for you that you got that much needed break before baby number 2 comes along.

grey rose (they/them) said...

miss you and love you, esther!!! xo

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

Agh.. love this post. Can you believe i still haven't had time to post yet. It's coming. hopefully.
love you girly.


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