Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{ post-storm }

i thought i was creeped out yesterday afternoon when the winds were picking up...
i definitely wasn't ready for what was to come.
i'd never experienced anything like it. 

we lost power at around 8pm 
i admit that my biggest concern was that the winds would wake jacob up 
because i was so scared i didn't know how he would feel.
he went to bed saying "i'm scared" and it broke my heart. 

at around 10pm we heard a weird noise that even worried my husband 
we looked out all our windows 
but it was so dark that we couldn't tell that a tree had fallen against our house. 
if the tree had been a bit taller, it would have crashed directly into our living room.
our neighbors came to check on us and i saw one of them being pushed around by the wind gusts
so i begged phil to come in and stay safe.

we were able to sleep for a few hours.
the weirdest feeling was waking up to look out the window 
and see perfectly still trees that had been bent over just a few hours earlier. 
mother nature literally walked all over us leaving her footprints behind.

when we went out to check out our street, a dead end, 
we realized that another tree had fallen and we were shut in.
soon after, though, crews were out with chainsaws to free us.

for now, we're camping out at our in-laws where there is a power generator, warm food, 
and plenty of kids to be entertained by.

we're not expecting power to be back for a few days 
but we're thankful that that is our only concern. 
so many others aren't so lucky.

thank you for your prayers and please continue to think of us as our area recovers.

oh... and the baby is still cookin'. 


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

that's a big tree! glad you're ok.

la petite lulu said...

Oh my goodness, that's scary! What a big tree. Glad you are all ok.

No(dot dot)el said...

So glad you are ok and that you are somewhere with a generator and lots of kids, sounds like a good substitute to the alternative :) You are in my prayers for sure.


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