Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{ etsy goodness for my girl }

last week i received an email from Etsy and i thought it was spam
but i clicked on it anyway.
boy was i happy i didn't delete that email!
lo and behold. to my surprise. and joy. 
my friends jami, carina, hannah, and noel
had sent me a gift card to Etsy in honor of Siena's birth
how sweet are they?!

(did you know Etsy is doing gift cards now? best idea ever ever ever)

i've been perusing and daydreaming of what i'm going to use it for. 
these are a few of those things:


Sandra@Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls said...

Stopping by from Stone Cottage to tell you congratulations on your precious baby, and on your beautiful son!!
My great-granddaughter, Amaya Monet, was born Nov.16, so my family is also enjoying a new little blessing(well, it is a huge blessing, but she is little).
I know from experience how difficult it is with two little ones, just take deep breaths, don't overdo, and enjoy every second of it!

Unknown said...

those ladies are the sweetest!

i would have such a hard time picking the perfect thing!! i love all that you have picked!


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