Thursday, November 1, 2012

{ good stuff after the storm }

I stitched together the picture above of the damage near my home. 
(click on it to see a larger image)
That's our little house with the red door.
We were spared by a few feet from being crushed by that huge tree.

Our neighborhood is not any different than the rest of those around us. 
Huge trees like this are down all over the place. 
On the roads, in the yards, on the houses, on top of wires.
The devastation is grave and it's a thousand times worse near the shore.

For this reason and more I decided to compile a list of things I'm grateful for today.
Because as much as I'm bummed that I'm still pregnant 
and I miss the comfort of my own home,
I know that I am blessed and I should focus on that instead of the negatives. 

These are some of the little things that make all the difference today: 

that my home, my mom's, and my extended in law family's homes were all spared from destruction

for a town crew that was on our street at 7:30am on Tuesday clearing these trees 
so we could drive out

for in-laws who took us in without question and gave us freezer space so our food won't spoil

the ability to take a shameless warm shower

that my daughter, as much as I want her out and in my arms, 
is in my womb where it is safe and the ideal temperature

my son slept through the entire hurricane on Monday night and was not traumatized
(even if he hasn't slept soundly through the night since then)

a fresh manicure and pedicure 

a husband that loves me enough to send me to get a manicure and pedicure
because it's my due date and it's a difficult day to get through

for a husband who loves me even in my ugliest, selfish moments when i feel entitled to a lot

a plethora of cousins who have also taken shelter at grandma and pop-pop's
and therefore my boy has plenty of friends to play with

for friends, near and far, who pray for me and check on me and empathize with me on my due date

that i can at least be sure that i wont be pregnant for any more than two weeks

that we at least have the hope of having power back up to our home in a few days or weeks
when there are people all over the world who don't have that possibility to look forward to

and lastly for an impromptu, child-free, much needed due date date night
that we just returned from.

linking up with carina today.
what are you thankful for?
a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

Wow! What a week! I'm so glad to hear it wasn't worse for you and your family, though still difficult to see your neighborhood in such a state. I love making lists of when I'm thankful for when I'm down. It takes the focus off of myself!

Anonymous said...

what a great attitude about it all! and my prayers are with you as far as the due date business is concerned.

Southern Wifey said...

happy due date!! enjoy that manicure & pedicure! sounds like you have a wonderful hubby!

the sweet life of a southern wife

Unknown said...

Esther you are amazing. Seriously, girl. I don't know many people that could pull off a thankful post surrounded by your life circumstance right now. But there is a quote above my door that says, "there is always, always, always something to be thankful" and you my friend have just proved that sign to be truer than true. Still praying for you.


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