Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{ jake's baptismal day }

today is a special day in our home.
it marks the second anniversary of the day jake was baptized into the Catholic church.

baptismal days
are celebrations that i came to know when i started dating my husband.
he grew up celebrating baptismal days with his family and friends.
the tradition is one of many celebrated by the covenant community we belong to.

i didn't grow up commemorating those dates
the only reason i knew the date i was baptized was because it was the day after christmas
and i thought my mom was crazy to have me baptized during such a busy time

when phil told me about the tradition of baptismal days
it just made sense.
of course those dates should be observed as a special day.
it's not just an ordinary day.

on that day, phil and i introduced jake to our religion 
and promised to raise him up to know and adore the triune God
to have a relationship with Jesus the Lord
to love Mary 
to believe our creed
to say his prayers
to receive and respect the sacraments

that's a big deal if you ask me.

phil and i love our God, our faith, and our religion.
i'm so happy to have this tradition to cultivate in our growing family.
i'm grateful that my husband introduced me to it six years ago.

we celebrate baptismal days by honoring the person

jake is too little to understand... but if he could i would honor him for:

:: being a son of God :: 
 :: opening my heart to indescribable amounts of love that i didn't know i was capable of :: 

:: saying "amen" and "jesus," giving us some confirmation that we're teaching him something :: 

:: being a sweet, sweet boy hugging and kissing me on command (most of the time) :: 
:: being a great big brother who kisses his baby sister whenever he can :: 
:: his adventurous, fearless spirit :: 
:: being polite by saying thank you whenever anyone does something for him :: 
:: being a good listener by doing what I ask him to (some of the time) :: 

:: sharing his toys, even if sometimes reluctantly :: 
:: how smart he is and doing things that older children do  :: 
(even if i dont know what those things are until a mother of an older child points them out) 
:: how much he loves his daddy, asking for him all day, 
and reminding me of how wonderful a man phil is to deserve Jake's love :: 
::: making phil and i laugh every single day :: 

mommy +daddy love you jake-the-snake. 
our first boy. our good boy. 


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