Monday, November 5, 2012

{ mum's the word }

i've been quiet around here. 
you know the saying

if you dont have anything nice to say
don't say anything at all

i'm taking it to heart.
it's been a difficult few days for me
and i know that other people have it a million times worse 
so i've been trying to keep my mouth shut
& refrain from complaining.
((except when i'm with my husband who gets to hear everything i really think all the time))

but i'm checking in to say
i'm still pregnant
we still don't have power at our house

we're now camping out with our friends 
who so generously offered for us to stay in the apartment in their basement
where we can have privacy and independence. 
peoples' kindness and patience is really showing around these parts.

please continue to keep sandy victims in your prayers! 
it's going to be a long road to recovery.

if you're looking for some happy things
i suggest you check out:

the happy day project over at life rearranged 
the scarfment swap  at take heart

both made my day a bit brighter today


abby said...

Esther...hang in there friend! Praying for you and your family.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

oh man I've been thinking of you. I hope that the baby and the power come when the time is right!

Southern Wifey said...

sorry to hear you still dont have power. Reminds me of when Wilma hit down here in SoFL. We didnt have power for 3 weeks! urrgghhh.

Hopefully youll be able to go home to a nice warm powered house soon. And maybe even with a lil baby! ;)

the sweet life of a southern wife

Anonymous said...

hang in there. as they say, it always seems darkest just before the dawn. cliche...but true. y'all are in my prayers.

mkrol16 said...

bless your hearts, i just stopped in to check on you. i am glad to hear there are rays of sunshine and you are understandably exhausted and still clinging to hope. much love to you all!


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