Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{ what we've been up to }

siena grace is 17 days old today! 
life with two is interesting. it's taking some serrrrrrious adjusting. 
my kids are good kids but it is hard to meet the needs of two people 
especially when the timing of those needs often coincides with each other.

i wouldn't change it for the world though.
it has been a joy to meet siena and welcome her into our family 
which now would be incomplete without her.

we're four now.

we've managed to document some of the last few weeks as we fall in love with this girl.
here's a bit of what it has been like: 

i made this headband for Siena Grace and it has appeared in many photos of her since her birth.
as of saturday, she has outgrown it... much to my disappointment.
i was hoping she would be my tiny baby forever. 

she's very alert for her age or so the doc says
we started doing tummy time. 
seeing her playing with the toys jake used to play with is almost surreal.
i cant fathom the fact that she'll eventually be a rambunctious toddler like him.

(( my kids and my love. this fills my heart. ))

yep. this girl went to her first wedding at two weeks old
and she was the best behaved baby of all time.
i mean, she slept for more than half of it.

uncle paul captured pictures of Siena in her naked, newborn glory. 
i have to say: it's nice to have a professional photographer in the family
who can take phenomenal photos with "just a point and shoot"
i'll share them soon.

we showered my future sister in law anna (left) 
she'll be one of us in a month or so... bless her soul.

here anna is telling us all the dirty deets of how her and my brother-in-law andrew came to be.
they meet at the rutgers university catholic center so it's not as wild as you might think. 

we brought the kids (it's still weird to say that plural word) 
to a paint-your-own-ceramic-thing place 
to get siena's footprints on a plate, make ornaments, and a christmas present for my dad.

while it was a nice family activity
i'm pretty certain people were staring as phil and i yelled at authoritatively spoke to jacob
saying "do you wanna go in time out?! no? then do your handprint!!"
i'm sure we were a sight for sore eyes.

i've also gone food shopping with a baby in tow

enjoyed some alone time with jacob, 
and realized that he was more sad to leave siena with my mom than excited have me all to himself

taken family pictures for christmas cards

moved jake into a toddler bed

etc. etc. etc. 
the fun wont stop.

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Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What beautiful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

You sound like super mom! I'm loving all of her little pictures!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! :)

I love the whole "do you wanna go in time out?" segment; sounds like me. LOL


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