Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{ a kids' christmas project ... & a lesson }

now that the weather is kinda frightful 
i need to keep jake busy inside especially after nap time
and crafts are my go to activity.

when i went to the craft store the other night 
i saw this cardboard cone christmas tree for like $2 
so i decided it would become our first christmas craft

it turned out kinda cute right?

first i had jake paint the whole thing in green. i helped because i have ocd. 
then i used the hair dryer to speed up the drying process 
because 2-year-olds have no patience at all
and i have no patience for impatient 2-year-olds to be honest.

i used my new craft hole punch 
which i am in love love love with 
to make some scalloped circles and attached glue dots to the back
then i had jake put them wherever he wanted. 
he's recently become obsessed with stickers so it worked out well. 

by the time the ornaments were used up, jake had moved on to the next thing
in spite of offers to use glitter glue 
so it was up to me to finish the tree
i have this twine-like cotton yarn to embellish presents with 
so i cut a piece and wrapped it around the tree
just secured it at the top and at the bottom 
with some hot glue since it was already warmed up from another project.
you can just use tape.

yarn is my favorite. not sure if you can tell from all the projects i use yarn for.
i'm especially fond of yarn pom poms
which is coincidentally what our star is made of.

whilst doing this project i learned a big ol' lesson too. 
i want to share it to help other mothers in their transition from one to two.

when doing an activity with your toddler,
wait until your baby has pooped.

i learned said lesson the hard way when my little angel decided to poop her brains out 
one of those explosive, out-of-the-diaper poops
while her brother had paint ALL OVER HIS HANDS

what is one to do? 
thankfully phil was working from home and came to my rescue 
and watched jake while i changed the baby

had the hub not been home, 
my little girl would have been changed right smack in the middle of the kitchen table. 
and there would have been lots of yelling to avoid a boy from getting paint all over the place. 
and i would have probably cried and questioned my existence.

i'm glad phil was home. i hate questioning my existence. 

(( she is an angel by the way. so i'm not mad at her. not even a little bit. ))


Angel said...

Oh, that last picture is just precious! What a treasure!

carolynmp said...

you guys are so cute.

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

Oh I love this!! And I too hate questioning my existence... Although Ill admit... with an active toddler and an infant it happens...Haha your baby girl is too precious and I think I might need to try this with my boy.


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