Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{ our decked halls }

the merriest of Christmases to you!
we've had a very busy few days here.
not only do we have a newborn and a very rowdy toddler
but this Christmas we also celebrated a family wedding that took up a lot of our time, 
(as weddings should)

i feel like i / we haven't stopped until now.
i've barely had a moment to blog this month 
and i've missed it so much
i've realized how much i really love this little space

one thing i was dying to post about was my home holiday decorations
as the chaos of this season started earlier in december, 
i didn't really have time to deck the halls and it bummed me out
i kept asking myself "why am i so concerned with holiday decor?"
i look forward to decorating for christmas all year
but this year, the practical side of me, because there was so much going on, wanted to just let it go 
just put up a Christmas tree and call it a day
but i just couldn't
decorating my home brings joy to my heart 
it's the place where i spend my entire day. 
it's the place where my family lives. 
i want it to be pretty, comfortable, inviting.
and during Advent and during Christmas time,
we're celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.
decorating my home is like decorating for a birthday party.
a really important one at that.

i love having reminders of the reason for the season
little things around the house that will catch my eye during the day 
and bring my heart to reflect on something 

i know Christmas was yesterday 
but, at least in our faith, Christmas time actually started yesterday
and we'll celebrate it until the Epiphany in early January.

so... please indulge me as i share our home decor today.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

so lovely! thanks for sharing! hope you get some time to rest now that the busyness of christmas is coming to an end.


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