Monday, December 17, 2012

{ sponsored post: p&g estore }

P&G, the makers of all sorts of brands like Pampers, Duracell, and CoverGirl,
has recently opened an online store where they offer tons of great deals.
Some are especially good because of the holidays. 

These days, I'm appreciating a good online shopping experience.
It's difficult nearly impossible to shop for anything with a newborn and a toddler in tow
let alone Christmas presents.
It has been the first year that a good amount of our holiday shopping has been done online
and if it wasn't for my husband I'd be ordering my groceries to be delivered as well.
So it's really the first time I have any sort of opinion on the subject 
and P&G's new service is kind of personally timely.

As I look through the P&G eStore 
it seems like a good option for a lot of the every day products most households go through, like:
okay maybe not everyone is going through mascara.. but still.  

also, i'm not even kidding, i asked my husband for white strips for my birthday. he said no. 
maybe i'll just get it for myself now.

i digress.

Some things I appreciate when shopping online are: 
free shipping 
P&G ships purchases $25 or more at no cost 
like this beauty bundle that includes a free mascara and Pampers points 
and this power bundle that includes diapers
promo codes 
use code A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA to get 15% off your first order

and for my fellow coupon clippers 
(coupon clickers, if you will)
you can use P&G coupons with just one click
literally, they are right there in your shopping cart at check out 
and you just have to check it to get the discount

Can I get an amen?!

So whether you're home bound, in house arrest, or just lazy,
maybe you need to finish your online shopping and the P&G store is the happenin' spot.

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