Friday, January 11, 2013

// jan 11 // lovely things

i can't even remember the last time i did a lovely things post
but i'm getting back in the swing of things so i get to peruse the interweb a bit more these days
it helps that my husband bought us a tablet and i can use it with one hand while i nurse the babe
he bought the tablet "for us" but i know he was thinking of me and how he can make my life easier
he's a good one, that husband of mine. right now i'm sitting at panera while he takes care of the kids because he knew i had a rough day today and ordered me to leave the house.

in any case. here are some links for you.

a. a necklace with a fancy camera 
b. honey, you are killing me with this post. hershey bar cake with cream cheese icing?
c. i might be buying this subway art sign if i can get the seller to do a custom size.
d. i'm planning out a project for my office/craft area and using this palette as inspiration
e. i also found this palette which i am loving for our living room which i thought i was done with
f. did you see my friend brought her baby home. i can't get enough of her pictures.

happy friday. happy weekend. soak in every minute. i know i will.


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