Friday, January 18, 2013

// jan 17 // lovely things

is it really friday again? 
this week has dragged on for me and yet i can't believe it's already friday.
do you have anything fun planned?
we have a community group christmas party tonight (a bit late but alas!) 
which i am particularly excited for 
because it's the first time i go out at night with my husband since christmas.

so as i get ready for what is bound to be an awesome evening, 
here are some links for you. enjoy!

a. a diy pipe bedframe. pinned under "future house" fo sho.

b. my friend jami hit it out of the park with this post on women and comparison. 

c. valentines day bed sheets for (married) adults and a game. hey now.

d. i'm going to be making these handprint embroidery hoops with my kids asap

e. speaking of embroidery hoops. i just ordered a custom one from this shop and i'm so excited to receive it. 

f. shipping some shop orders tomorrow and it makes me giddy! this is my favorite current listing. i want to buy it for myself. hah!


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