Thursday, January 17, 2013

// a list of things

the past couple of days have been rough around these parts.
sometimes i feel like i'm drowning in a glass of water.
getting used to two kids has been harder than i thought.
i like silence. i like alone time. i like routine. i like structure.
none of that is happening here.
it's been a sink or swim kinda deal... every day.
if everyone is alive at the end of the day. we call it a success.

i can tend to mope. dwell. on the negative.
i know i'm blessed. i just have to remind myself sometimes.
so i'm going to rattle off some things that i'm thankful for

a. that this time in life is just a season and i know things will get easier as the days go by.

b. that my friend abby reminded me of what's important. on tuesday i spent my morning getting the kids ready, getting myself ready (make up and all), some of us got baths or showers, packed the bags, strapped siena into her carseat, tackled jake into his jacket. out the door. finally i got siena in the car, picked up my 30 pound toddler to put him in his seat only to realize his carseat was still in my husband's car from the weekend. now to any normal person this would be no big deal. but this mama isn't doing all that work for nothing. so it kinda threw a wrench into my day. then abby commented  on my insta pic: "that's depressing but jesus loves you." thanks abby.

c. my mother in law came over yesterday and helped me do laundry. by helped me i mean she did all of it and folded it. not only that but she conversed with me. get that, i had an adult conversation on a wednesday morning. she's a blessing in my life.

d. for a bottle. a beer bottle that i can drink when times get tough. JUST KIDDING. i'm thankful for siena's bottle because last night, when i had just about had it with the little people hanging off of me and needed a break, i took out some pumped breast milk and asked phil to feed the baby. again, this is nothing to the normal person, but jake, my beloved and spoiled firstborn, didn't take a bottle. e v e r. for thirteen months the kid was nursed. siena, the angel that she is, takes a bottle like a champ. though we seldom give her one i am sosososososo happy that it's an option.

e. that my husband walks in the door and asks "what can i do to help?" i'm very grouchy by the time he gets home and though my mood doesn't suddenly switch to happy-go-lucky, i do appreciate that he comes home from work to assist me at home. also, see "d".

f. that my friend called today and said "you want dinner tonight?" she was over within an hour with a meal for my family. i didn't have to cook. it was blissful.

g. for the fact that my mom's and my little etsy shop hasn't flopped. that it's giving her and i a sense of satisfaction that we needed. that it's giving us something enjoyable to do... together. i never thought i'd do something like this with her. i mean, she was so mean to not let me go out until 3am when i was 17.

h. that i got three minutes to nail holes into the wall and hang up some things that had been nagging me. granted,the baby was crying and jacob was dangerously swinging the hammer about... but i got those things up. the end.

wow. that's a whole lotta good stuff to be thankful for today. god is good. all the time.


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ladybug said...

reminds me of the book One Thousand Blessings. Something I have been trying to do this year. God bless!

Angel said...

Hang in there, Esther! Being a mom is such hard work!

abby said...

This mother of two stuff is a lot of work! I'm so thankful that my little comment blessed you!
By the way...being a mom last night made me feel like I was a crazy person...
Have a great weekend, Esther!

grey rose (they/them) said...

love you, girl!!

and love the blog look ;)


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