Tuesday, January 1, 2013

// new year new things.

I’m excited to have a new design up on the blog
Did you notice?
Iit is self-made so please humor me while I tweak a few things.

But I am even more excited to open an etsy shop as of today.

I'm partnering up with the woman who gave birth to me to open Florero Creations

Ever since I can remember my mom has been making things with her hands.
I hesitate to call her a crafter because she is so much more than that.

She has the ability to see something, whether it is a garment, a window treatment, an accessory, or even a couch (she is an upholsterer) and just make it.

So I’m putting her to work!
(not really she was the one who suggested that we partner up)

She’s going to be the creative mind behind our shop
While I’ll stick more to the technical side
I’ll contribute pieces here and there but with two little ones my creative time is limited.

I’ll be posting more about this little endeavor in the days to come
But for now, why don’t you go visit our little shop and check out what we have up so far.

Not even kidding, I already have to update it with more listings.
My mom is a quick worker!
So keep an eye out.


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