Wednesday, January 23, 2013

// REPOST // second birthday party. date

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When I started thinking about Jacob's second birthday a few weeks months ago
I promised myself, and my husband, that I would keep it simple and low key.
I decided to have a morning play date to celebrate his birthday NOT party.
There's a difference, you know.

In my head, labeling it a play date and not a party took all the pressure off 
so I could focus on doing a few cute things and enjoying the day with my boy.

Ends up that a morning play date was kind of a good idea. 
My mom friends were happy to come out on a Friday morning 
instead of taking precious and limited family time on a weekend to go to a birthday party.
Jake loved having his guy pals here to play with him 
and I seriously wish I could have my friends over for coffee on a weekly basis. 

I went with a construction "theme" since Jake has become obsessed 
with Bob the Builder and any sort of construction equipment.
BUT I limited decorating to the cakes and nothing else. 
(check in tomorrow for printables)

The menu was simple:
Lots of sugar for the kids. Lots of coffee for the moms.
Munchkins, muffins, bagels, cupcakes, and cake.
Coffee, juice, and water. 

All the boys needed was a (former) water table filled with sand 
and lots of cars and trains to keep them entertained. 
They didn't stop long enough for me to get a picture of any of their faces. 

Of course, my friends defied my request for a present-less birthday play date
and brought some cute clothes and toys for Jake.
((thanks guys!))
Oh and you know present-opening is a team sport.

I'm pretty sure this might be my way to go when celebrating my children's birthdays in the future. 
It was simple, quick, and fun for everyone involved.

Oh another note... I still can't get over the fact that I have a two-year-old.
Phil and I still act like two-year-old's half the time.


The celebration extended into the evening. 
Hub's birthday is on Friday so 
our parents joined us for dinner time
(take out pizza... I'm telling you: no stress!)
We celebrated both my boys.

And as usual, The Pioneer Woman delivered with this delishhh 
It was such an instant hit that I never got a good shot of it.
But I promise you that it's really good 
and you should try it before strawberry prices go up to $10 a pound for the winter. 

Construction Birthday Play Date 

Cake inspiration from here

Traffic cones were made out of homemade fondant 
using this recipe but replacing marshmallows for marshmallow fluff.



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la petite lulu said...

I love the construction theme - it looks like you did a great job! Will have to remember this for my sons 2nd birthday, he is digger/truck/roadwork obsessed. Looking forward to seeing more!


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