Thursday, January 10, 2013

// two months // siena grace

siena grace. you are two months old, girlfriend. can you believe it? i cant.
i was thinking today about all those posts i wrote on being worried about having a girl
all that time i spent worried about you. how you would change our life. 
i dont think i spent enough time thinking about how you would change it... for the good.

you did change our lives for the good. 
you are seriously awesome.
you smile all the live long day.
all you need is a tickle to the shin or someone to look your way.

you love to talk to your daddy. 
he makes all these odd noises that sound 
like dory from finding nemo when she's "speaking whale"
i think it's weird but you love it. you guys have some deep chats speaking whale.
it melts my heart. i hope you talk to him forever and ever. 
he's a good guy and he loves you so so so much.
i think life might be easier for you if you have good chats with him every once in a while. 
remember that. please remember that. 

you love to follow your brother around the room with your eyes.
he loves you too. a lot. too much. 
he's a dangerous one though.
sometimes he wants to get as close to hurting you as possible.
like when i was taking these pictures, he was banging drumsticks on the ground 2 feet from your head
he does it to get a reaction out of me. but i've managed to keep you safe thus far. 

and baby girl. i love you so. 
your perfectly almond shaped eyes they have this little sparkle 
when you look up at me i thank God so much for you.
your little mouth. its just perfect.
i can't imagine how our family ever even felt complete without you.

i'm not going to tell you that i'm not scared by all the emotions and tears that will come eventually
both from you and from me
i'm scared that you'll be 13 one day 
because i was a horrible thirteen-year-old 
and i don't wish that version of me on anyone (your poor grandmother...)

but for now you are the best baby in the world. my world. 



Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

OOh this is so sweet! and she is simply beautiful... I love love love that you wrote it to her. and the speaking whale thing... yep I might have laughed out loud.

Allison said...

This is a lovely post such sweet words she will cherish later. Oh and she is so cute! Loving her outfit and headband. I love a baby girl in a headband but I am too practical to bother putting one on my own baby girl

No(dot dot)el said...

She is SO cute! Seriously, look at her in those adorable little jeans and cute headband. I love her! I love to hear that she is a happy smiley baby. All babies are great but smiley babies are the best! And pshh... why did you have to get all sentimental and stuff you made me weepy with your note about her and her daddy. A girl and her daddy now that's a very special relationship! Give her an extra kiss for me would ya!


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