Tuesday, February 5, 2013

// a daily valentine DIY + PRINTABLE

first of all, i didn't know what to call this so i went with daily valentine. go with it.

disclosure: i'm really bad at saying thank you to my husband
sometimes my appreciation for the things he does isn't always obvious.
i've been trying to be more intentional about showing him 
that i am grateful for the little big things he does for me.

cue this little easy diy/printable.
i made and printed the "i love you because..." sign and threw it in a big frame that i had lying around.
the frame wasn't for an 8.5x11 so i used tissue paper behind it ghetto but it works ((for now))

when i remember something phil has done that made me feel loved
-- and more importantly: made me love him more --
i try to head on over to the frame and write it in. just in case i forget to tell him out loud.

i hung it up by his closet, where he can see it every day, 
and hopefully be encouraged that he's doing a good job as a husband.

he lets me sleep in A LOT so this one has stayed up for a while. 

you can seriously make this printable yourself using nothing more than microsoft word 
but if you want to print the one i made
click here to download and go for it.

side note: check out the first valentine's day card phil ever gave me circa 2007. 
i should have known in that moment that this would basically set the tone for our entire relationship.

i do think it's funny though.


1 comment:

Megan said...

bahaha! I LOVE that valentine card he got you and I think this little plaque is SUPER cute!!


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