Friday, February 1, 2013

// lovely things // feb.1

i'll tell you, i learn something new every day. 
today i am learning how to juggle two children while getting some writing done. 
i'm back to work today after five months of being off.
more on that later.
it has been easier than i thought it would be but still. blagh.

anyway. here are some links i want to share to kickstart your week.

ps: what are you doing for the superbowl? i will be eating a lot of buffalo wings. 
hopefully the kind that make me feel like i'm going to pass out because they are so hot.

a. i missed new girl this week. so yeah i missed the kiss. and fox doesn't let you watch the whole show online until 8 days after it aired. and i don't want to sign up for hulu plus. so i will have to settle for this clip. full disclosure i have a serrrrrrrious crush on jake johnson (nick on new girl) and on jason ritter (mark on parenthood) but only when they have facial hair of course. my husband knows so it's ok. i promised not to make out with them if the opportunity presented itself. and you know it will.

b. i love any and all jewelry from violetfly and it's on sale at brickyard buffalo for super good prices (hint hint husband)

c. what i already asked my husband for was to get me a camera painting from lindsay at pen and paint. (babe, i know you didn't get it. lindsay told me. she sells out in 15-20 minutes. it's ok. just know she'll be listing some soon and you can always email her to ask... like i did.)

d. aly at blossom and vine is having a close out sale on her scriptural and inspirational prints. you gotta know i love a good quote on my walls.

e. i love this necklace for a photographer. someone should get it because i can't afford it.


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