Tuesday, February 12, 2013

// three months // siena grace

Oh Siena Grace. You are an absolute joy to have in our home and in our family.
These three months might have been the quickest of my entire life. 
It seems like just yesterday that I was crying over the fact 
that it looked like you were never going to come out.
But you didn't. You came out, girlfriend. For that I am grateful.

In just the last few days we started sitting you up in the bumbo seat 
and all of a sudden you look like a full grown woman, if you ask me. 
You grab at your toys, even holding them sometimes. 
You are mesmerized by your doll. 
Your brother calls your doll "doggie" and he takes it away from you all the time. 
I decided that when he takes your doll, I give you his cars.
Sharing is caring, kids. 
Siena, you started doing the cutest thing recently...
you discovered your feet and you stack them one on top of the other to look at them.
Absolute cutest, I tell you.
I almost forgot! You laughed for the first time! Your daddy discovered it one day. 
Of course, he got you to laugh first. It is only fitting.

He was doing something silly and you just burst out in giggles. 
Today, I was able to make you giggle by tickling you. I was so proud of myself. 
You are so ticklish, sister!

I want to thank you for figuring out the whole sleep thing. 
I am NOT nice when I don't sleep and I think you got the hint. 
We haven't quite gotten your nap times on a schedule, 
but that's okay. We'll get to that. 
For now I'm just thankful that I can put you in your crib at 10pm 
with full confidence that I will get a full night's sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I need to join you and catch some zz's. 
You and your brother may be good, but you kick my butt every. single.day. 

Love you, my girl.
I'll close with some words we sing to you each day. 

Siena Grace. Siena Grace. 
I love your face.

Siena Grace. Siena Grace. 
All dressed in lace. 
(we're working on the rest of this song)

This one is my favorite: 

Oh wheeeeere is Siena? 
Oh wheeeeere is Siena? 
Oh where. Oh where. Oh where. Oh where. 
Oh wheeeeeeeeeere is Siena?

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Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

Ah she's gorgeous!! and Veggie Tales... a regular in this house... haha like every day sometimes more than once a day regular. Loved the reference!


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