Sunday, February 24, 2013

// siena's baptism

we baptized our little peanut this weekend.

it was a very happy night.

only in retrospect am do i realize how full of personal history it was. 

the priest that married us four years ago,
and baptized jake two years ago,
also baptized siena on friday night.
he has also provided me with spiritual direction since 2007 
before phil and i started dating, through our dating, engagement, marriage, 
and he's seen our family grow over the last few years. 
he knows our story well.
(father glen is one of the founders of the franciscan friars of the renewal
that's why he's wearing a gray habit under his vestments. 
they have an interesting history and an admirable mission. check them out.)

siena wore the baptismal gown her daddy wore 27 years ago
jake and several of her uncles and cousins have worn it too.

her godparents are good friends of ours. 
phil and pete went to school together. kindergarten through college.
kristin was friends with phil in college before we were friends 
we used to get together and talk about pete and phil 
he introduced us at some point and the rest is history.
we would either talk about how much we wanted to be their girlfriends 
or how we were going to stop talking to them because they wouldn't make a move. 
we know what happened there. 
she was a great support to me in a crazy time in my life and a big part of my conversion.
she's still there for me when i'm going a bit bonkers. 

i love all the history behind things.

we had a little ice cream sundae party afterwards with our families.
siena was good the entire ceremony 
and cried half of the reception but that's ok. 
we were just happy to welcome her into the Catholic church.

i am so blessed that my life is where it is today. 
a great husband. fantastic children. a wonderful family. and a lot of really good friends. 

sometimes i think my life is fake.

thank you to my brother-in-law for the photos.
jacob was present but he's cray-cray so not photographed.


Carina Schoen said...

happy baptism, siena!!!

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

oh congratulations!! It looks like it was a marvelous time and a night not to be forgotten!! PS.. I am loving your bangs... just saying!


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