Monday, February 18, 2013

// sometimes

sometimes i feel like i know what i'm doing. one of those times happened on saturday.

we were watching our niece charlotte for the weekend so her parents could get away for their anniversary
and thus we were a family of five for a few days.
we had planned to attend our dear friends' daughter's baptism on saturday night 
so we were ready to wrangle our two + 1... 
but at the last minute, phil's mama offered to watch jake and charlotte.

"go out for a date night beforehand too!" she said.

as phil put it: "'no thanks,' said no one ever."

we were thrilled beyond words to have some free time 
even if we would have the baby girl with us.
one as opposed to three. piece of cake.

we had a delicious dinner at a local happening spot.
i mean... we brought a baby to a bar.... and i had to nurse her while we were there... 
while drinking beer and keeping her little busy head under the nursing cover. 
i put the class in classy.

soon it was 7:20pm and even though we were two minutes away from the church
we decided to head over to the baptism 10 minutes early
(because i measure my level of success by how on time we are.)
when i went to put siena in the carseat, wouldn't you know girlfriend had pooped.
all the way up. her. back.
i could have been really mad at her but she's so freaking cute... so i wasn't.

i offered to change her so phil wouldn't change her on the public bathroom floor 
(he actually did that once with jacob. i threw up.)

seeing how we were in a bar, phil said he didn't think there would be a changing table.
i said that would be illegal.
apparently it's not illegal. there was no changing table.
but there was a 10 x 20" sink counter space.
what option did i have?
on that tiny space, i balanced my little bobble head with no core strength.
all of her clothes had to come off. i slipped the disgusting diaper off and put a fresh one on.
wiped her little body clean. like all of it.
put clothes back on. dress, tights, shoes, sweater.
the poop-ridden onesie stayed off. yuck.
annnnnd done-so!
i went back to the table where phil was.
handed her over to her daddy-o who threw her in the carseat. buckle.
finished my beer. again, keeping it class-ee.

and we got to the church on time!

that's right punks. sometimes, this mother for the second time knows what she's doing.


Taara said...

It's nice when you have some experience behind you, isn't it? I had to laugh at this post because my daughter used to poop like that all. the. time. when she was about 3-6 months old. We hand washed and cleaned a lot of dirty onesies in that time! We also happened to be traveling for the majority of those three months!

Jelli said...

Haha. Esther, this sure was a chuckle. I could totally picture the awkwardness of nursing the baby in the bar AND finding that sweet little girl covered in poo. Pretty sure God made babies super cute so parents wouldn't mind changing diapers quite so much ;) Glad you and your man could get away and enjoy some time together.

ladybug said...

This made me smile. Been there with no changing table too. Good job.

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

totally changed my girl on the bathroom counter the other day... hey you got to do what you got to do! It is better than the floor though... High five for being fabulous!! Things like this make me think... my gosh we can do it!


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