Thursday, February 21, 2013

// tomorrow will be great

I'm a little giddy tonight and I love it.
My little girl is being baptized tomorrow night. 
I feel like we'll be having a wedding tomorrow. 
I can't wait to dress her in the white gown that her daddy wore on the day he was baptized
and the one that her brother wore just over two years ago.
Water will be poured on her head.
A cross will be traced on her forehead with the oil that smells like nothing else in the world. 
Her daddy, godparents, and I will promise to bring her up knowing and loving the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Siena will be welcomed into our faith.
The faith that I have come to love so much because of its rich tradition and history.

While it's stressful to plan a party for 70+ people (eek!) 
I'm staying focused on the blessings that will be poured on my girl tomorrow night. 
Seriously. Giddy.

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