Tuesday, March 19, 2013

// away we go

it's 10pm and i have to be up in about six hours in order to make our flight on time.
i'm nervous as can be but i feel i've prepared enough activities, snacks, movies, etc
that will keep jake entertained.
i've planned one activity for siena: nursing. i think she'll be thrilled about it. 

i have been continually praying for God to bless this flight and the one coming back. 
for the angels and saints to accompany me. i've prayed asking mary to be at my side.

and in the end, the flight is just six hours. 
it will probably be a total of nine hours between the time we leave our house and the time we arrive at my dad's house. 
nine hours, even in the most hellish of circumstances, are just nine hours.

i'm also considerably nervous about being on my own for twenty days. 
my kids absolutely love their dad and jake asks for him all the time. 
i know it will break my heart if he gets sad not seeing him.
thank goodness for skype. 

because of all of these nerves, i've given myself a little talking to.
i told myself that i can't idealize this trip. 
i can't set myself up for disappointment.
the reality of it is that i'm spending three weeks away from home 
with my two kids who L O V E their routine.
there are bound to be tough days. there's bound to be a need for discipline. 
there will be frustration, impatience, exhaustion.
but there will certainly be joy and memories and so many good times.
i know that at the end of it i will be saying "how quickly this went! i can't believe it's over."
i need to go wit the flow, be flexible, and be patient.
the kids totally feed off of me and if i keep it cool, they might too.

after all this worrying for the last, oh say, two months, i'm just looking forward to getting it all over with
i pray that the lord surprises me with an easier than expected three weeks
... or at least with a decent tan. 

i'll be checking back in while im gone. stay tuned to find out how it went!
oh... and please pray for me!

1 comment:

abby said...

Praying for a joyful heart regardless of your circumstances...but also praying
that everything goes smoothly and you have an amazing trip!


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