Monday, March 11, 2013

// getting rid of cradle crap... cap

siena has cradle crap... i mean cap.
i call it cradle crap because i think it is disgusting.
i know, I know, it's normal. it's not filth like i used to think it was
but still it's kinda grimey.

i did some research that helped me accept that my daughter had this issue. 
((how is that for dramatic?))
what i came to find out is that cradle cap is often due to overactive sebaceous glands
sebaceous glands are oil glands
no, i didn't know that and yes, I googled it.
i guess we have oil glands on our heads?

those little glands make a crusty, scaly gunk accumulate on the heads of almost half of newborns. 
siena has cradle cap spots right at the top of her head where her cow licks is.
it's not bad but still. 

in any case, i wanted to get that shiz off my pretty girl's head asap and,
much to my dismay, i found out there is no permanent solution 
and it will eventually go away totally on its own.
there is a temporary solution!
B A B Y  O I L 
it seems counter-intuitive to me too... but it works. 

what i do is rub baby oil on the trouble spots on her head for a one or two minutes 
then i put a little cap on her head and let her play or nurse or whatever she's supposed to do.
the baby oil essentially loosens up all that junk.
after about an hour, i sit her in front of me or put her on her belly while she plays
and i run a "lice brush" (what my mom calls it.. mine is the one they gave me at the hospital)
through the trouble spots over and over and over. 
the crustiness comes right off. and yes i think it's gross. 

then i throw her in the bath, lather her head with shampoo, and rub a wash cloth on it.
then i run the brush through her hair a little more. 

at the end of it all the brush looks a little like this. i'll spare you a close up.

but you end up with a squeeky clean baby so it's worth it.

you don't have to give the baby a bath every time you do this. 
the brush is so fine it pulls almost all of the oil with it so your kid doesn't look like john travolta in grease.

a runner up in effectiveness was aquaphor but i didn't like it because, since it's waterproof, 
it doesn't come off in the bath and siena was looking pre-tty greasy after that trial.

does your baby have cradle crap? do you have any home remedies that work?


sarah said...

glad you did this bc I bet lots of new mommies will search for answers! Abigail had it really bad! I had tried the veg oil like people recommended but it never worked...and then I found this Disney, yes Disney!, brand of cradle cap shampoo at Target - and it did wonders!! B never had it thank goodness but I remeber those nasty combings from Abigail!! :)

Jelli said...

I did a similar thing to get rid of my baby's cradle cap but used coconut oil. Whatever works, right?!


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